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Platform introduction:
At the beginning of 2016, LEG (LEYOU) chess cards, which LEYOU Group invested heavily in, came into being. It soon won the popularity of a large number of players with its highly restored online game experience and professional competitiveness. The classic online chess games such as Texas Hold'em Poker, Landlords,Golden Flowers and Bull-Bulls are even the highest in online games. But at the same time, there are also many platforms that copy our names, or even embezzle our names. Here we warmly remind the majority of players: Play games, please recognize the official and only LEGaming - the legitimate trademark LEG!
Subscription ratio:
1Australian Dollar(AUD)=5
1Brunei Ringgit(BND)=4
1Canadian Dollar (CAD)=5
1Swiss franc(CHF)=6
1Ren Min Bi(RMB)=1
1Euro EUR(EUR)=7
1Great British(GBP)=8
1Hong Kong(HK)=0.5
1Indian rupee(INR)=0.05
1Korean Won(KRW)=0.005
1Myanmar Kyat(MMK)=0.004
1Malaysian Ringgit(MYR)=1
1Norwegian Krone(NOK)=0.5
1New Zealand(NZD)=4
1Philippines Peso(PHP)=0.1
1Singapore Dollar(SGD)= 5
1Swedish Krona(SEK)= 0.5
1Thai Baht(THB)=0.2
1New Taiwan(TWD)= 0.2
1United States(USD)= 6
1Vietnamese Dong(VND)=0.0002
1Japanese Yen(JPY)=0.05
1South African(ZAR)= 0.5
1Zimbabwe Dollar(ZWD)=0.01