Business Cooperation


Service content: provide game access API, agent backstage, game itself maintenance update, 7*24 hours customer service operation and maintenance support.

Party B's license: independent game operation, unlimited agent development, independent agent backstage, and game hall customization.


Contact: Phone:+63 9307499999;Skype:live:86042281c973c8a;Email:[email protected]

Guarantee agent profit: the player of this platform receives the interest rate about 98.70%, and can monitor the abnormal player immediately, can guarantee the normal player to play the game at the same time guarantee the agent profit.


Access steps: contact us (or agent) - get test back-end accounts and interface documents - provide access data in accordance with the "access preparation" of the interface document - docking according to the interface document - Test by switching the formal interface.

Game fairness: Yue you chess always uphold the concept of win-win, and strive to find the best balance between players, agents and developers. The game's own pumping mechanism ensures profitability and eliminates the need to kill additional players. But for malicious players, we will have a strict supervision and audit mechanism to ensure the interests of other players and games themselves.